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Memorial Day 2014

on May 27, 2014

My wife and I spent the weekend watching the college softball Super Regionals. I had never watched softball before and I was instantly hooked! (Look, I have been looking for a sport to enjoy anywhere near the way I enjoy football and nothing has worked out. I love stats and facts, but I also love to watch the game. Basketball just hasn’t clicked, I keep trying but I got nothing. I think, now, that if we had a local baseball team I could get into it but I really and truly wish there was a pro level women’s softball/baseball league.) Anywho, I fell in love. My wife explained the game on a rudimentary level, but by that first night I was reading several websites so that I could know the rules and the distances and all. On Saturday I even printed a bracket so I could track games and team advancement. I am uber stoked for the World Series this weekend! UBER!

While that was all fun, we did waste a pretty amount of time. Only, see, waste is such a negative word. the reality is that there is always something that needs doing. There are always chores, maintenance projects, and house things – but if you go from work mode to housework mode with no stop and no reconnect it gets disjointed and rough. My wife and I spend a lot of superficial moments with each other through the day – and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. Those easy interactions are like WD-40 for a relationship, they don’t replace actual work but they make things easier. Fun text messages allow us to flirt and play as well as communicate bigger information. Instead of only getting a text to pick up milk she get five or more a day, updating whatever project I am working on, telling her how I am feeling or what I am thinking of – we have an understanding that unless she tells me otherwise I am free to text her as much as I want if I understand she can’t always text me back or check them right away. I love it. We send pictures and videos back and forth and recently she started instagram-ing – just for me. lol Still, to just be together – just hang out and BE – is as important as all the housework in the world. That’s what we did, we folded a twee of laundry and we vedged out.

This was especially nice because my wife had a four day weekend that allowed us to spend Friday with the girls and Saturday/Sunday in the family room watching softball (the kids were in and out) and still have Memorial Day to putter around the house. Putter we did!

So much got done, and it is no surprise to me that it happened while she worked outside and I worked inside! (I can’t help it, she is a major distraction! lol) It was nice, to work in the house and see her through the windows as she worked outside. I finally managed to clear the table in it’s entirety! I got the kitchen cleaned, cooked and managed to run a few loads of laundry as well as fold and put away a few. She, on the other hand, was amazing! She got the porch cleared (it had been accumulating items in the rush and fuss of  life) and the yard cleaned and cut, the shed organized, the burnable trash burning!!! On top of all of that she also had Paisley outside with her and tended to her all day (another blog post will explain why that is a big deal.)

This was, by far, my favorite Memorial Day that I can remember for a long, long, long time!



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