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Spoons and forks!!!

on May 28, 2014

At the last garage sale that my church organized I scooped this box of silverware. I was drawn to them when I first saw them and I hovered nearby while several people checked it all out. At the end of the day it was still there, so I grabbed it. I am planning a few art projects, and I think I am going to make gifts. It is a really cool find.

Yesterday was an amazingly beautiful day and I had NOTHING to do but a few house chores and art. It wasn’t just to MAKE art, but to get to a place where creativity can flow unfiltered with concerns over where things are, space or time to work. I decided to go through a couple of things, and one of those things was the box of spoons and forks. As I went through the set I found one spoon that didn’t match, I didn’t snap a pic then but I promise I will when I get into the project… Anycoolspoonway, this extra little spoon is solid silver I think and it has a date on the back – Dec. 15, 1927!


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