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Fizz! Boom! Read! Summer Reading Program 2014

photo(3)See those four books lying sideways on the top of all the well behaved books that are right where they belong? Girl grab a seat, I am about to tell you a story about those four library books that starts in June 2011 – I KNOW…  Ready? No? Oh, well, go grab your coffee and come right back dear! Awesome! So… At the beginning of the summer of 2011 my kids and I were thrilled to go to our local library and sign up for library cards. It was a big deal because our parish library was demolished by hurricane Katrina and had finally grown to a point where they were lending books! Mavis, darling! was too young so she and I shared and Lou ♥ received her first books on her first library card. Awesome. It was like a world had been opened to us and we were happy to partake. Everything was lovely and all summer we exchanged books, enjoying the adventure of vicarious living. Then in October as school was just getting into the swing we stopped going for a while. We were very busy and things were all over with new school books being shelved and organized for the year. In January as I opened the box of books to retrieve the next semester of books I found – OMGOSH! – our library book! I knew this was going to cost us, but was pretty sure they had a max fine and I called to inquire. I explained that I thought the books had been returned, I was so sorry and that I knew there would be fines. She explained that they had already replaced the book so these books were now mine and that for the four books I owed $182 and they only take cash. WHAT?! Oh, oh. Okay. I couldn’t afford that . My heart broke and the end came to our amazing literary adventure.

Then, today, I spoke to my friend while she signed her children up for the summer reading program. My heart was just so heavy. I wanted to do this with my kids and I decided – while in that full life prayer – to call and find out what it would cost. This time the woman gave me the amount with a sad tone and I kind of joked that these books were the most expensive books I had ever purchased.

“Wait! You still have them? Are they in good condition?” She exclaimed and I answered yes and yes and explained how this all happened and she told me that they would TAKE THE BOOKS BACK and WAIVE THE FEE and charge only the five dollars per book and the seven fifty restocking fee per book! 12.50 a book was $50 instead of $182!!! We went right over, only as we were getting ready my wife got off from work early and we were able to have her come. The entire family was able to go! My wife and my youngest got library cards and my oldest and I cleared our names!!! Then, as a family, we all found books, checked out and signed up for the reading program – even us adults!

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