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Where am I?

on June 3, 2014

It’s been a crazy summer already. Paisley had knee surgery, Bible class started, Pride outreach is taking up a lot of time, I am exploding with art and truly feel God is telling me to start selling art – life is very actively HAPPENING. Only on some deeper level I feel like so much is happening all at once that its as if none of it can truly happen and that makes me want to cry… My house is in the poorest state it’s been in a while ans that is because of a few factors – Pai’s surgery has me tired and when I am tired my focus is even more splintered than normal, and all the art takes time so if I am getting art done I am generally not getting much else done.

Also weighing heavily on my heart is the desire to financially contribute to my family and the fact that I seriously feel that God is saying to do that with art and I have NO IDEA how.



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