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Updated: A Wrinkle in Time – graphic novel

on June 4, 2014

I mentioned that we borrowed books from the library and I had picked up A Wrinkle in Time the graphic novel. Well, it was not good. Not not good, but not good for what it was. The drawing, eh. The story, maybe because I know it, not entertaining. All together I flipped a few pages and decided it could go back. It’s going ASAP because I will not some crazy late fee for this! lol

Update: I felt kind of bad bashing this book, though as bashings go it was a mild one. I have thought more on why I disliked it so and I think I have come to it. Please don’t take this the wrong way – this book is for those that lack an active imagination. I used to think that all people think like me, their minds working like my little disjointed one. It simply is not true. When I read I see beyond the page and beyond beyond the page as well. The worlds I create, and dream about, are so fantastically detailed that I don’t need anything more and I get grumpy when things do not line up with my vision. I think that this book made me grumpy, it was just so much less than what I see…

wrinkle in time (3)In other news, my kitchen table is cleared – FINALLY – and of course it is covered in cats. lol


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