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Let the summer begin!

on June 6, 2014

The first swim of the year happened last night. My mom came into town and apparently my father’s pool is ready. My children have grown, which I knew about Lou ♥ – she’s taller than me now I think by half an inch – but Mavis, darling! was a surprise as she still looks the same height! lol They will spend the weekend getting too much sun and not enough water, while my mom feeds them ice cream because “they are burning it off” by simply lounging in the pool – ah, the days of grandmothering. 😉

We are going tomorrow to get new suits for the summer, each gets two because once this crazy crunch of time called June is over we will be hitting the pool at least once a day. Add in the splash pad and the hose and we will be wet – suits ill be needed.


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