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Perfect moments.

on June 18, 2014

My wife loves Joyce Meyers. I think she’s great, but my wife LOVES her. So for our anniversary I got her a beautiful Joyce Meyers Everyday Life Bible with her name and everything. I have a fantastic bible that my wife gave me, it’s the Everyday Mom’s Bible (NIV) and I love what she wrote – but that bible I  gave my wife is pretty fantastic. It has lovely big words and it is the amplified version. My wife and I usually share a bible during church, either hers or mine and I have been falling in love with her bible more and more.

The other day at church I said to her, “I really like this bible. I really enjoy it. I almost wish that I had one.” My wife smiled at me and handed me one, and older hardback Joyce Meyers Everyday Life Bible! A dear woman, who I was blessed to meat and call friend, Xenia passed away a few months ago and all of her Christian books are at the church. She has the bible, it mean the world to me!

She also had the entire Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen – which I have no idea if it will be good, but I have been wanting to check it out.


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