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Because she asked…

on June 19, 2014

I have chosen my path, and I believe in it. I allow others to live, without my judgment of my interference. I love honestly and openly and if they ask me something I answer it in respect to MY life, understanding, and experience. This beautifully authentic life has allowed me to engage more people in my faith than I could ever have imagined. In waiting rooms, in group setting, through the Internet and recently via instagram. A girl who I adore, who inspires me and makes me smile almost daily posted her thoughts on the Bible and religion. I didn’t comment. She specifically asked ME and so I thoughtfully answered with this:

The Bible has been written and rewritten; it’s been edited and changed. The Bible and religion has been used to justify all sorts of horrible things – but really that’s people. If you do any studies you will realize how VERY different what the majority thinks the Bible says and what the original writers were referring to. For instance homosexual behavior is never in reference to monogamous, same-sex couples or people who prefer the same sex it is actually in reference to the religious practices of the native people – the Canaanites would engage in religious orgies, sexual offerings (where men would have sex with the priest and by ejaculating into them) (so really, in effect, religious prostitution.) However, the average person who will use religion as a reason why homosexuals are “wrong” don’t even know about the religious practices that the Bible was condemning.

I would venture to say that 90% of the people who have beliefs based on the Bible are actually basing those beliefs on what someone told them is in the Bible, not on their own experience with it. Also, you are correct, there are SO many book written to help you truly read it – in it’s context – should you choose to. These books help you realize that what one word means to us could have been three or four different meanings then, when you factor in the times and culture the book itself is multi dimensional, it is not a black and white rule book.

As with any work of literature there is the ability to interpret meaning so the moment that someone says, “I just teach the Bible as it is.” Or “I choose to follow what the Bible says.” They are in essence saying that they are subscribing to a belief system that some man or woman (maybe themselves) has decided on regarding the contents of the Bible, and a lot of people don’t realize that. They just believe what they were brought up with, what’s been taught or drilled – because if they never really have a reason to question it they don’t realize they should. We should, we should ask questions and look for answers and figure out what OUR faith is, we should read for ourselves and think for ourselves. We should seek out people we feel comfortable bouncing the questions off of and we should find people we feel safe discussing things with, even if we don’t agree. The act of just accepting and moving forward is what has allowed religion to be manipulated and twisted.

This is a LONG answer and honestly is it the shortest, simplest way I could begin to answer you. lol There is SO MUCH more about the Bible and its contents that is beautiful and amazing and sadly most people never get to witness because they are blinded by “religion” – the Old Testament is a gorgeous portrait of the New Testament when looked at and read through the lens of grace and love, it is not the hateful and oppressive prison so many use it as.


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