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Words With Wife

on July 1, 2014

My amazing wife downloaded Words With Friends on her phone and then texted me to do the same. For the last few weeks we’ve been playing with each other. I know that many people will tell you that electronic communication is killing relationships, but my wife and I have used it to keep in touch and have fun despite the busy life we are blessed with! I text pictures of my adventures throughout the day – cleaning progress, the kids schooling or playing, paintings, playing with makeup. She text me pictures of sunsets and wildlife or testing. We both use text as a way to shoot small appreciations and love notes all day. What makes this work is that it is IN ADDITION to the physical and emotional interaction that we strive to find time to. My wife and I met in August of 2005 and by February of 2006 we worked together – CLOSE TOGETHER – so it is nice to stay in touch all day now that we are not together all the time.

Anyword, this game has been great fun. It has a chat built in so we joke and play and get to use our brains. Scrabble on!


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