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Repticon 2014

on July 14, 2014

Two years ago I was driving home and I saw a sign at the local civic center advertising Repticon, a reptile show. I thought the kids would like it so I took them. I bought them each a teeny Red Eared Slider turtle and that was that. Over the last two years two of the three turtles died, but the last turtle has done so well. He is growing rapidly and he is fun and Lou ♥ just loves him. This year I scooped up a Groupon deal for ten dollars that allowed two adults and two children to go to Repticon 2014. (That’s a thirty-six dollar show!)

Repticon was this past Saturday and we had a blast! There was no where near the amount of breeders or animals, but there were nice people and all sorts of sweet babies! It was extra special because my wife was off and was able to come with us and Lou ♥ treated the family to lunch with her prize from the Summer Reading Program.


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