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Stealing time.

on July 17, 2014

The kids come first. That is that. This is a point that I could struggle with, but I am blessed by God to have a partner who has decided to live this way as well. I am not saying there are never times when we get selfish and desire more adult time together, I am saying that we work through those times understanding that we are loved and cherished and very important – but that our daughters come first. As the girls have gotten older, however, it has become a bit easier to steal a moment here or there. It started as a “date night” when after the kids were fed and taken care of they were set on auto for a few hours while we closed our bedroom door and watched a movie (or folded clothes) alone and uninterrupted. The other day they were at my parents house and my wife and I found that we had a few moments to simply be and we used it to go get snowballs. lol

It was fun, though I felt a twinge of guilt because treats are usually a family event. It was good to have a  childhood moment shared only with her and the sky was beautiful!


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