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Groupon? I do!

on July 18, 2014

I love me a Groupon these days. At the beginning of the summer I scooped a few – Repticon (which was a blast) and an alligator farm we haven’t gone to yet and a horseback riding adventure that I am taking an amazing friend on for her birthday.

Today I scored again with 10 weeks of karate! My youngest has been interested and I was looking for a local AND affordable place. This place is local and with the Groupon affordable. I expect she will love it and I will be trying to figure out how to keep her in it through the school year, but honestly I don’t know. There isn’t really room for that in the budget what with dental work needed, braces for the oldest, check up and shots for the youngest… and a slew of other things. Still, I am hoping that maybe we can make it a Christmas present or something.

I am super excited, we will have a ballerina and a karate kid in the house and I will have mom duty to run around and get them places. It is stressful, but it is so fun! lol I’m also really excited that she is excited, I have been looking for something she wanted to do and this is finally something she is looking forward to. I hope it will make her more likely to try the more affordable options like local sports or something!


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