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A list. Again.

on August 1, 2014

Yesterday’s post is hidden until after this weekend – it’s an art project post. Today’s post is (as the title would let you know) a list post. Girl loves herself some lists! You know it! lol This list is a VERY important list. It is the End Of Summer list that will poise us in the perfect position to start school. Look, this is our fourth year of home schooling and it is MORE than FULL TIME. Lessons spill into the housework and cooking lunch while doling out writing prompts and studying spelling or making dinner/folding laundry while in a study shesh will happen – it will all happen. We will have night classes and early mornings, we will rush around to get here and there (dance and karate) and we will look like a traveling circus from the outside. I know that, I am okay with it. I don’t expect that this list will be the list that completely stops the world form going BOOM when that first day of school starts. I just think that it will help that boom be a little less – um, boomish. lol

  1. Completely clear the table.
  2. Finish the “classroom” (dining room conversion)
  3. Deep clean the kitchen (this will help me keep up daily)
  4. Deep clean the front of the house
  5. Laundry 100%
  6. Dishes 100%
  7. Bathroom
  8. Straighten crafting closest.

On top of wanting this all done by Monday I am contemplating starting my own business. Pray for me. Seriously. I think I found something that could not only work, it could be awesome!


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