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7:32 a.m.

on August 5, 2014

As I sit here I have a load of laundry in the washer and one in the dryer, two in a basket on my bed waiting to be folded. My dishwasher is full with dishes that need to be homed and the sink is full with dished that need a bath. My coffee that I made two hours ago has turned cold and my mind is exploding with all that needs to be done and all that has been done. I am taking a break, to write this and to take my turn playing Draw Something with my wife. In a few moments I will be straightening up my kitchen where all the items that are moving out are waiting to get loaded into my van and brought to the Goodwill. Once the kids get up I am going to vacuum the house – the kitchen, dinning room/classroom, living room, hall and bathroom. That is when the fun will begin, after that I get to mop and I LOVE to mop. lol I got a new mop and that post is coming, you know I love sharing anything that makes life easier.

Anyway, as I sit here I feel good about the day. Like it will be a great one, but somehow this is how I have been feeling and then by the end I am overwhelmed and mad at how it turned out. IDK, I am sure I will shake this. As previously mentioned I have something up my sleeve, I just need toe figure out the name of it and go from there…


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