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Complicated Migraines

As I mentioned a while ago we took our oldest to the E.R. at Children’s Hospital at the end of July. She has been getting headaches once a month roughly and they generally start with her feeling nauseous. I have migraines with aura (or complicated migraines) and I could see the writing on the wall. When a headache starts here at home we send her back to bed to rest, we make it cool and dark and feed her little meals. She feels better and it all goes away by the afternoon. We are blessed that she is home schooled so classes can be postponed or rescheduled or even done in a dimly lit bedroom.

At the end of July she had a complicated migraine hit while she was at my father’s house and so things spiraled out of control and we wound up on the E.R. with follow-ups scheduled. Today we went and met the neurologist who was AWESOME and had an MRI with a staff that was fantastic. The worst part of the day was the massive amount of waiting. W a i t i n g . . .  It just stretched out around us.


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