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Crazy town.

on August 18, 2014

Dude-ettes, have you chicas discovered the Timehop app? It has been absolutely blowing my mind lately. It’s an app the pulls photos and post and Facebook activity from all your on-line accounts and it sends you your activity one whatever day it is from years back. So, for instance, today it would send me all my on-line activity from August 18 – 2013, 2012, and on and on as far back as I have on-line activity. It’s been really cool and good for me for several reasons:

  1. It is INSANE how I constantly wind up doing the same thing again and again! lol Like the other day I made the decision to really clean up and rearrange the Tea Room and bam – a Timehop of me doing it a year ago to the day!
  2. I have lately been having a lot of trouble with motivation. I have gained a shameful amount of weight and I felt lost, however my Timehop has sent me little reminders that I once had this and I will have it again!
  3. My spiritual journey was anchored in a movement I felt for some time and I am reminded of it’s very start to blossom. That has been renewing my drive and desire to pursue all that God is pouring out, however scattered it may seem I know it is all a going to be brought together by God.

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