Essential Oils

Lately I have been in line with God, I can’t explain it. I know that living in a place of constant praise and joyfulness has been my focus and that somewhere that went from a conscious effort to how things were. It’s NOT to say that I don’t go off the rails, it’s to say that off the rails is few and far between and it’s uncomfortable and it is quickly back on track!

As I move in this way, and live from this place I find more and more oddly placed, yet God created, little life flags. Like colored flags along a trail. I started my own business – Joyful Noise Praise Painting – and now I am following a path through essential oils. One that came to me in the spirit and with the spirit I was led to seek out remedies for several things. It turns out that the oils I honestly feel I was lead to work for all of the things I was looking to remedy and more.

I feel confident that this is something life changing and that the physical, spiritual and emotional health of my family is about to truly come into a wholeness that has been a long time coming. Today I made an order after much research and prayer. I am excited and will – of course – keep you all posted!


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