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Ain’t that the truth!

on August 25, 2014


This weekend was BUSY. You may recall that I posted a cleaning schedule not too far back. It is a good schedule because I am not married to it. I set that schedule fully knowing it would not get adhered to. It was just so that at any point I, no matter how crazy things got, I could check in and have a starting point. A place to pick back up. This theory was tested last week. With school starting and with doctors appointments the schedule did fall to the back of that which is important. By the time the weekend hit we were a day and a half behind studies (due to being out at the doctor’s office several times.) While we bring our work out and about with us it is hard to complete sometimes with the screaming babies, inquisitive children, chatty parents and the Disney movies played in the waiting area. My chores had all but stopped at home, I was focused on having enough dishes to cook and clothes for my wife to go to work in. The kids and I could live in PJs for all I cared. While I did manage to get to Zumba by Thursday evening I could feel the stress starting to turn into physical pain and as my oldest was checked out and found to be suffering a multi symptom virus (throat, fever, tummy, head, cough) on Friday I started to feel my throat scratch and my tummy hurt. Blah!

Saturday I had an event to go to and face paint as well as several errands to run. I set the Crock-Pot to cooking the game day chili and I went out into the world. By the time I got back I was exhausted and in pain. Sadly, and I do mean sadly, there are times when all I can do it take medication for it. Despite the fact that I strive to control my pain with exercise, warm rice bags and treated bathes there are times when a pill and sleep are the only thing that will work to being it back to a manageable level. I hit that wall on Saturday and I still had not vacuumed or mopped, my dishes were still a pile of EVERYTHING in my sink. Laundry had been hauled into the front room for sorting and then just abandoned. My house was a sad wreck and so was I. I took a fourth of a pill – I hate taking medications – and I went to sleep. When I woke up on Sunday I woke up stiff and sore and with my cold raging, but I woke up able to move. Because my wife was exhausted and my oldest was sick and had been drug around with me on Saturday I made the decision to keep everyone home from church and to just be in the house. I walked into my kitchen to brew some coffee and there it was, my schedule. My “I make no demands” schedule. My “you can just start here” schedule.

So I emptied the dishwasher, started laundry, loaded the dishwasher – all while the coffee peculated. I cooked everyone breakfast and I vacuumed and mopped. By the time I served lunch I was done with everything, but the rotating in and out of laundry and dishes… I was back on top, even though I felt like coughed up death. lol My little schedule had given my guidence and hope. It allowed my wife to relax on her one day off and the kids to rest. Even I didn’t feel like I was particularly overworked because I sat down a lot and worked in small bits. Light loads, easy on the hands, back and feet. Looks like this artist is getting better at the living, and while I thrive in an organized chaos I can not create in a DIRTY house (yes, it’s very different.) So I am actually more creative these days as well!


One response to “Ain’t that the truth!

  1. great post! I loved it and I feel just that way some days…perhaps I need a schedule like this 🙂

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