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There goes the plan!

on August 26, 2014

lol This year was the year that EVERYTHING was to change! We were ready, amped and on the way to starting our year AHEAD of the game! The girls and I had a plan. We had a schedule of classes and bunch of list to stay on track. We were going to hit the ground running, and then… Then my oldest had three doctor appointments during the first week, and then she got sick and had to go back the second week. Now, now I am sick and life is a detached, airy, strange movie playing in front of my eyes. My kids are old enough to compensate for my medicine head, but still we are not over reaching. The plan was to get ahead in the first months so that field trips and all that wouldn’t put us behind. Instead we are just keeping up!

While wading through the medicine cabinet that, let’s be honest, only gets straightened up once a year, I decided to go ahead and prep for cold season by straightening it out and tossing the old items. Finally, while it sucks to be sick I am blessed to have children who adore me and take such great care of me and the sweetest puppy in the world to snuggle and share my pillow as I lay ill.


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