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on August 27, 2014

I just wrote a whole post about hand washing and virus bombs and life high on Tylenol Cold & Flu! I tried my best to stay focused and make sense of everything as I expressed my fear of infecting and reinfecting my entire family and my roller coaster ride of feeling better and then having the medication wear off an crashing. It was probably the best I could have come up with and then I pressed Publish and it disappeared forever into the lost world of interweb spaces. I am both too sick and too angry to care!

Just know, I am trying my best to not infect the world. I am washing my hands till they hurt and still I am freaked beyond that I am going to plant little germ bombs that will explode later after we are all happy and well again! 😦

Current standings: Cold 3 of 4. Mavis, darling! seems to be the only one somehow not sick, though she is sleeping in late today and I hope it isn’t a sign that she is starting to feel sick!


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