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Katrina Came Through

on August 29, 2014

Katrina came through.

Hit hard, angrily.

Ripped the world apart regardless of color.

Katrina came through and I was merely another

number on a FEMA form,

life left wrecked.

Mud covered after a storm.

Katrina came through.


Who knew that water could take away so much?

Who knew that baptism by nature would create so much pain?

Who knew her fury would make Betsy look lame?

Who knew the loss would bring us to the edges of sane?

When Katrina came through, who knew?


There was more anger

more torn bits

more broken peices

more sadness than I could imagine.

More than I thought possible to manage.

There was something else

something light and something good.

There was life buried in all of her damage.


My life is a gift that came from deep in that hurt.

An existence, a hope

I almost missed

overwhelmed with the dirt.

It’s said that every storm has a silver lining or two.

Broken traditions were losses,

but broken cycles lead me to believe that its true.


I look up at the sky and I breathe with relief.

The changes came with force

but they are changes I want to keep.

From the flooded river lands the most fruitful plants grow.

I would live it all again,

knowing now what I know.


August 29 – nine years later.



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