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Accent this?

I used to paint a nail or two different when I did my nails. If I went and had them done I would ask for this, and everyone in the place would snicker as the woman would say, “You want different colors?” Sometimes people would say the liked it, sometimes people would say they didn’t. Didn’t matter, I loved it. Then one day a member of a popular reality TV family (Trashian) was photographed with “an accent nail” and I said to my wife, “Great everyone is going to think I want to be a Trashian.” She told me not to be silly. Within the month TWO people said something like this: “Oh, you have accent nails, like the Trashian!” I know it shouldn’t matter, but it hurt my heart and I left the odd nail behind. However, today I am debuting a new nail thing – my new nail thing – not that I am the only one ever, but I am the only one I know of – so yay!nails


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