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Hello, me!

on October 6, 2014

stuff (2)Last week I wrote a post about how I kind of lost myself. It’s true. My life has been in a state of wild, wild, WILD evolution. Maybe, I think that lost is the wrong word. Perhaps I want to convey that I don’t recognize who I see when I look at me sometimes. Like, like a butterfly who finally emerges and is just in shock over the fact that now flight is possible. REAL FLIGHT! You take off, but it’s scary and unnatural and unbelievable. That is where I am at. lol It’s awesome, but wickedly unreal!

Let’s take a look-see:

  • 2009 – became sick for the first time with Fibromyalgia and erythema nodosum.
  • 2010 – migraines joined the fun as I started to be able to move and I began my journey to “health” and losing weight.
  • 2011 (spring) – I married my best friend and partner of six years.
  • 2011 (fall) – we became a homeschooling family.
  • 2012 – we found our church.
  • 2013 – I set about giving my life to God in the realest way I could. Truly evaluating all aspects, art and writing and family.
  • 2014 – I began writing again and and painting, in line with my new fully committed life of Jesus.

It’s not over, but it is kind of accumulating to a point where I need to stop. Take all the new info into account and recalibrate. That moment was one I was trying to force for a few months, but wound up happening organically this weekend. As it all lined up it was as if i was suddenly able to merge the me I carved out of myself in 2011 and the me I am now! There have been times when I felt it all line up, ready itself for the next phase. In my life, in my children, in my church, in my art. I felt that this weekend, and I capitalized it with a run at the local duck park! (Thanks to my wife who motivated me gently, but sternly!)

P.S. I am starting this challenge today. Anyone who wants to join, please do!photo


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