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on October 8, 2014

Look, let’s be real. I enjoy a good challenge, I love the feeling of accomplishment. I also love winning and have a fantastic imagination, so in my head I create this elaborate competition with myself and imaginary people and then I whoop them good! lol It’s the only kind of competition I like, since I always win and I hate losing! (Makes sense!) Anywhodoodle! I love the idea behind these kind of challenges, but I hate that most of them are unrealistic to beginners. They are also set up for the “cross-fitters” – those who seem to live for self punishment. I have tried that whole genre of fitness and I just don’t like it. I am distracted, watching the clock and angry the rest of the day. I have made NO SECRET that the reason I am a runner is because God blessed me with a LOVE of running. The reason I love Zumba is that I adore dance! I enjoy pushing myself, but only when I am enjoying what I am doing… The other thing that I didn’t care for is the increased risk of injury. Let’s get real, running can cause injury – heck, I have hurt myself several times at Zumba, but cross-fit is a whole new world and if you are not paying attention you will be more likely hurt yourself more. No thank you! lol

It’s still going strong and I am still KILLING it! (By that I mean, getting it done! lol) I’ve been playing on instagram with a friend from Youtube, so if you are interested in daily updates on working out – head over there!photo 4


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