darling!, Little duckies..., Mavis

Sheesh! (But she looks cute!)

Mavis, darling! had her first of 10 karate lessons yesterday. I am going to reserve comment on the instructor until we have a few more classes, but I will comment on cost. OH. MY. SWEET. KITTENS. If you have a daughter in dance you know how much “confidence, self discipline, and exercise” cost on a monthly basis. lol Add in review fees and book ads and photos and costumes – suddenly your teeny ballerina is a gaping money pit and you can’t even see how cute she looks in that tutu because you are drowning in bills. Karate is that minus the tutu and times three! This man was going over prices and I was thinking, “I think Mavis, darling! will be running with me and doing tai chi in the park.” Seriously, I have no idea how people make these things work. I am blessed beyond that Lou ♥ loves ballet and that we have a phenomenal FREE ballet program available. I hope I can find something like that for Mavis, darling! because with braces and growing tummies, with Christmas and a bearded dragon on the horizon I can swing the minimum payment of 100 bucks a month just for karate. Sorry. I go to free (donation) Zumba and run in the neighborhood. The kids are going to have to understand, and they really do, that having this amazing home school experience comes with certain trade offs and finding our own source of recreation is one of them!


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