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Taking back my life – wk 1 review:

on October 14, 2014

To say the least last week was a great week. I was blessed with God given drive and energy and motivation. I worked out Monday through Saturday, I was flexible when workouts needed to change. I made sure I got my minimum in and I didn’t let anything get in my way. I also stuck to my 30 Day ARM Challenge despite pulling something in my shoulder! This was my workout schedule:

  • Monday – 30D ARMS; 330m run – 14 cards – 330m run – 10 cards (repeat that rep 4 times) – 330m run
  • Tuesday – 30D ARMS; Zumba
  • Wednesday – 30D ARMS; whole deck workout – 20 minute stretching
  • Thursday – 30D ARMS; Zumba
  • Friday – 30D ARMS; 35 minutes jogging and keeping my HR in zone
  • Saturday – Rest arms; whole deck workout – grocery shopping for 2 hours
  • Sunday – 30D ARMS; no official workout

I kept my food at or under my 1,200 net calorie goal (no starving myself or eating sugary snacks happened!) I only forgot my vitamins on Sunday, which is kind of typical because with my schedule so drastically different on Sunday things usually get a little whack! lol

Finally, I lost two pounds. This is my first real earned and fought for loss in a long time and I feel really happy about it. I feel like any loss is a great thing, but two pounds was so lovely to see. I am looking forward to continuing. I finally fixed a glitch in my YT account that made vlogging from my phone impossible. So, food vlogs are now going to happen! Any longer talking videos will still be on the laptop as long as she is still working, however!


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