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Taking my life back – wk 2 review:

on October 20, 2014

This last week was good, but rough. As I walk this road back to health I have to remember to roll with it, and I feel like this week has really been a test to my willingness to roll with it. lol This was my workout schedule:

  • Monday – 30D ARMS; card workout (indoor due to rain)
  • Tuesday – 30D ARMS; Zumba
  • Wednesday – 30D ARMS; run, Zumba cardio and repeat four times
  • Thursday – 30D ARMS; workout with wife
  • Friday – Rest arms; 14K bike ride
  • Saturday – 30D ARMS; 4.11K run
  • Sunday – 30D ARMS; no official workout (grocery shopping)

I kept my food at or under 1,200 net calories and again managed to avoid sugary sweets and fried/bad food. I weighed in 1.6 pounds less than last week which puts me at an official 3.6 pounds lost for two weeks.


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