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Taking back my life – wk 3 review:

on October 27, 2014
Nothing beats working out with my wife!

Nothing beats working out with my wife!

This last week, man, I just can’t even begin to express this last week. Legit, I have felt better than I could have imagined the last few weeks. Told my wife I was closer to well that I have been since getting sick that original cold that took me out a year ago. Now, I have some sad news. Let’s review the week:

  • Monday – 30D ARMS; easy run
  • Tuesday – 30D ARMS; 15 minutes of hard core Total Gym
  • Wednesday – 30D ARMS
  • Thursday – 30D ARMS; running splits – 30 minutes
  • Friday – Rest arms; 5K run at Laf park
  • Saturday – 30D ARMS; 5K run with my wife
  • Sunday – 30D ARMS

You may notice that on Tuesday my workout was NOT Zumba, no I was just feeling awful and so exhausted that I made the choice to do what I could on the Total Gym as long as I could. However, looking back that wasn’t the smart move. I should have just relaxed because I wound up having to anyway  the next day. This week also brought a new problem to light, one I have been feeling creep up through the weeks. My toe pain is not from shoes or running – it is directly connected to my hip pain and it is incredible! I think it’s called sciatica and there are a thousand reasons it can happen. I am thinking, hoping and praying mine is simple muscle not back or injury. The biggest thing is resting it, so no Zumba or running or any other impact type workouts. Walking, lots of it…

Food was not good, but not bad. I am still sweets free, no trash or candy or cookies. Though, my calories were higher this week than planned. I lost 1.6 for a total loss of 5.2 – thank God!


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