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GPWC Family Game Night

on October 28, 2014

Last Friday was our church’s first Family Game Night and it was really nice. Raising well mannered kids is a tricky thing. On the one had you want your children to respect others, to be polite and wait their turn, but often in today’s world the child who waits their turn for the swings winds up getting bumped again and again. It’s not just kids, either. Parents will push their kids to the front of the line, or allow their children to act bananas. I mention that because it makes days and evenings spent with the children at church even nicer. To be surrounded by parents who are all working on raising the best little people and who have common goals for their children is a lovely feeling. Knowing that the kids are  in a safe environment where they can just have fun enables me to relax and have fun as well.


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