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Painting all day…

on October 29, 2014

When hurricane Katrina hit she took everything, everything. At first the big things left me reeling – jobless for the first time since I was 13 and having lost not only my childhood home but the home I had just bought. I looked at my daughter and was at a total loss. Slowly as life took shape again I started to feel a deeper, almost more grave loss. All of my photos, of my art, all of my poetry, all of my journals. I went into a shock like state of just pushing forward. It took years for me to really start writing and even longer to do any real art. This year has been a huge year for my art to actually emerge, thanks to God and my wife.

This coming month I will be working with my sister on getting my paintings photographed so I can have prints available. I am actively working as a face painter and exploring a new art interest/opportunity! Monday I was all set to sew up the kids costumes and then BANG – painting happened. lol Truly as life is swirling around up and as scary as it is right now, I am sooo blessed I can’t express it.


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