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Confession of a home schooling mother:

confession (3)
This is what my kitchen looks like right now.

(Warning: confessions seem to be a normal-ish occurrence around these parts. In the past I have given them a bunch of different names, but here and now I am declaring that we will have a reoccurring article from time to time in which I let it all hang out!)

I live an honest and authentic life, a clear (yet often dirty) window into the life of a happily married, home schooling femme lesbian who is walking her best Jesus path and battling chronic pain daily. Through my blogging I have taken many journeys – fantasy, young love, poetry, weight loss… When I came here I just wanted to put it all out there real and raw – I believe that living openly helps all people. Being a Christian who preaches vs. being a Christian whose life speaks for itself…

Wasn’t long until I realized that living and authentic life meant airing a lot of ugly, less than flattering, Oh My Gosh moments out in the “public” of the Internet. Here it is again, a day where I look around and think, “How? How did I get to this point?!” lol

There it is, and at one point in my life I would let it get me angry at myself, disappointed and feeling guilty that I am behind. These days, however, I choose to focus on what I have gotten done! In addition to teaching all day:


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