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Keep it real! (Really colorful!)

on November 7, 2014

After MONTHS of waiting out the yucky-muddy bluish ick that I put in my hair in late June I decided to take action. Red, faded in months to an almost blond-orange. Purple, lost it’d bright within two weeks and faded to reveal the orange-blond of the redhead I once was. That one tube of blue, which I thought would reveal a purple tinted orange blond faded to a mucky brown ewww. It was frightfully close to normal brown with a summer’s worth of chlorine build up. So, I went ahead and took action – and by that I mean I got my girl on it! lol

I was fantastically close to platinum and but that wretched brown green WOULD NOT GO. I rocked Elsa for a week and took myself to Sally’s to pick up a color. I know it will make little sense, but I chose blue! I mixed my own custom color. There’s a touch of royal, a twee of aqua and a smidgen of teal. There is enough teal to compensate for the eventual emergence of green and that makes me so happy!


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