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Have a great one!

on November 21, 2014

Well, this Sunday is my birthday. I will ring in 34 years on this amazing planet while surrounded by church family and having a potluck dinner. My sister and her husband are coming in for the Thanksgiving holiday, and my brother and parents will be in town. On top of all of that I will be using this week without school to catch up on washing and folding, to paint a picture for my mother’s birthday that is next Friday, to make Christmas gifts, to play with the kids and to make art with them. I will not be blogging. I just wanted you guys to know. (Though when I say I won’t I do and when I plan to I never have time, so who knows! lol)

I will take lots of pictures and blog it all the next week! If I don’t see you guys during this break – have a great one, be happy and surround yourself with good people.

Love and blessing!


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