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Framliy, the family you pick.

gip (38)
Christmas PJ Party 2014

I have the BEST framily. Seriously, if I ever am sad about my blood family I have to stop and remind myself that in my framily I have more than any one person could deserve. God blessed me.

This Saturday my Gipper invited us to come to her family’s annual PJ Christmas PJ party and the kids were thrilled. It was a blast and the children (the older who are “too cool” and the younger who are “too rambunctious”) all had a fantastic time! Gipper planned a Christmas decor scavenger hunt during which we split the children into teams and took them to look for the decor on the list! lol

My team:

We were off to a freaking A+ start and then we hit the snags – gingerbread man and a decorated car! What? We ran back and forth for the better part of our 30 minute time allotment looking for those two things. NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! Then, in the last five minutes as we look into the yard you literally start at a flipping gingerbread man jumps out of the gifts! What? However, it was as we walked back to the meeting point all awash in the failure of finding a decorated car that a car started down the street. My brain was slow to calculate the meaning of the reindeer antlers and then BOOM! Next thing you know I am jumping out asking them to stop for a picture! lol Our most prized findings:

The other team:

After the hunt (which we won, but were polite enough to call a tie) the kids all crafted until they couldn’t stand it! The movie was put on, but only Mavis, darling! actually sat to watch it. Everyone else was visiting and being too loud for the poor kiddo to hear I’m sure!


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