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One on one…

on December 17, 2014

To be with my wife, spending time with her and doing things that they kids could do with us like feeding the ducks. The girls are at a strange age, where anything that happens before one in the afternoon will be passed by for more sleep. I get it, growing bodies and all. Truly we are blessed to have tweens who are still a delight to be with, who choose to spend time with us and who, when they are drug out of bed, acclimate quickly and still enjoy themselves. Still, it’s an odd feeling, like we are doing something wrong. lol This weekend my wife and I stepped out twice without the girls. We went to a local bar to see a band her father was playing with. We only went for 28 minutes and we didn’t drink, but it still felt silly to not be spending that time with the kids. (Even at only 28 minutes the smoke managed to make me smell like an ashtray and get sick.)

We also went and stopped at the park to feed the ducks some old bread that the kids have been declining to go feed them. The lack of children allowed us to be quiet and still enough to get the seagulls to eat from our hands.

It felt almost like a glimpse into our older years, when it will be just she and I more and more often. My heart aches a little (a lot) at that thought. My girls are my life. I am blessed beyond blessed, though, that I have married my best friend. I enjoy doing nothing with her, I love being outside with her, I like cleaning house with her… Life is good with her, so I have a lot to look forward to!


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