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A twee tree for Christmas.

on December 19, 2014

The Christmas tree was kind of a big deal when I was going up. We went and got on Thanksgiving or the day after. We strung popcorn (or played with needles and popcorn while my mother labored over yards of stringing popcorn.) It was an ordeal, until it wasn’t. I can’t remember how old I was when my mom scratched the tree made of years of three children creating ornaments for the beautifully color coordinated masterpiece, though I can remember a 2

Anyway, the first few years after the storm my wife and I did the big tree thing. It just never really settled in. We tried to do a Thanksgiving evening tree run. It never felt like the time. Then, five years ago we moved into our home. In a matter of months we suddenly had three cats. In a year we had five and a big tree didn’t seem practical. That year we decided to go small. We had a pretty big side table and thought that maybe we could use it for the tree and gifts. We bought a four foot tree and it was perfect. Christmas morning the kids were thrilled with gifts cascading down to fill the space under and around the table. (It really made it look like way more than was there! lol) The next year we were later still to put a tree up and we wanted something simple. I picked up a small, pre-lit pinkish-purple tree and a pack of blue ornaments. The whole thing cost $20 dollars and the girls loved it. (Lou ♥’s favorite color is blue, Mavis, darling!’s favorite color is pink and those also happen to me my wedding colors! Yay!)

This year we are using the tree again, my wife even picked up the perfect star for her topper! I was kind of amazing at how different it was from my childhood. I even commented about it to my wife. Then a few days ago I was on the phone with my sister and we started talking about our Christmas trees and it seems her is almost the same as mine. It’s a white, pre-lit, thin (like mine, but taller) tree with pretty little dark pink, green, turquoise ornaments. It’s lovely, but it is nothing like our childhood trees. How interesting that we both veered, in the same basic direction, so far from home.


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