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Good Eggs – NOLA

on January 7, 2015

The other day I stumbled across a friend’s Facebook status about her produce delivery from Good Eggs and I was interested to say the least! I seriously have been complaining to my wife about the lack of fresh produce, the lack of a market for so long! Now that I don’t have reliable transportation it’s even harder to deal with, so finding a grocery option that delivers FRESH and local produce was such a blessing! As well as offering a variety of baked goods, freshly made food and groceries they offer several different weekly boxes. I ordered one from both of the farms I was interested in so that I could make an informed decision!

I swear that cooking is art to me, and the same thing that happens when I get new paints or pens happened in my kitchen! I was so inspired and excited to touch and taste and play with these ingredients! Also, it’s kind of like a week-long friendly Chopped basket because you don’t know what you are getting. I literally Google’d everything as we unpacked and I looked at things like – can I boil? can I roast? can I saute? What I learned it that I can kind of do whatever I want!

This weeks deliveries were great, again. This is also the last week I feel like I need to order from each. I have decided that on the regular basis I would rather order the box form Hollygrove Market & Farm.


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