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Down the rabbit hole!

on January 16, 2015

Guys you may have noticed a theme emerging lately. Natural, hippie, crunchy… I don’t know. I know I’m not giving up Walmart or hair dye, I know I’m not weaving my own cloth or going vegan. Thing is, I just want to make things better. Find a balance. I am working through what will work and what wont for our family. To aid in that I started a new blog. I am NOT blogging there instead of here, I am blogging there and here.

Hold The Granola - just a halfway hippie figuring things out!

Hold The Granola – just a halfway hippie figuring things out!

Here is more for the this is life, this is what happened, these are my thoughts. God, homeschool, wife, mother, artist, cook, lover – person. Me being me and blogging while I do. Hold The Granola is more about the process, the detail, the gross or the TMI of it all. A good example and what will be taking up a lot of time over there right now will be reducing our waste – I will of course talk about that here as it changes and comes along, but over there the raw details will be. You know, lady waste and bathroom waste and all that. Here you will get the glossed over, there you will get the spilled and messy. I admit now that it will be trial and error, try and fail. I know and I look forward to it. I’m excited, even though I feel a little crazy.


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