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You might have noticed.

on January 26, 2015

I have not been posting as much as I like, I am working on a big post from my last Sunday notes AND my house is in a rapid change state! lol IMG_7852My wife and I discovered that we had a leak about a month ago. While the discovery was new the leak was not and I was devastated imagining the cost of repair. My dad came over a week ago and spent some time with her looking into holes cut into closet walls and flushing toilets and running baths… They found the guilty toilet and traced the leaks. God is SO SO GOOD! We have spent about fourteen dollars and our leak should be a thing of the future! Now, while the cost of the leak is next to nothing the time/labor cost is a twee steep. Luckily my amazing wife has become really adept at getting into the muck and figuring it out.

Now, to offer a huge THANK GOD also for the fact that we have two bathrooms. More than a family NEEDS, but such a blessing!


One response to “You might have noticed.

  1. Glad you got that leak taken care of at a small price tag! Good to have handy people around. 🙂

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