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Pur water is good water.

on January 27, 2015

I’ve been really trying to think about what and how we consume things. My parish doesn’t have a recycle program and I was unable to find anything in our area that we could afford. I hit the road, or Facebook! lol I found out that a local elementary school recycles paper and they were willing to let us bring in our paper. My church recycles plastic and we asked the lovely lady who takes care of that if we could bring in our plastic. Done!

Still I wanted to have access to clean water that wasn’t bottled and I found the Pur at Home Depot. So far, I am good. It installed easy and fast, the water doesn’t taste or smell like chlorine. I am using my quart jar and I am happy! I have to drink two a day to meet my water goal and there is no guilt! Also, while we are recycling I don’t have bags of bottles waiting to hitch a ride to church on Sunday.


One response to “Pur water is good water.

  1. Great idea about the water filter. I’m sure my recycling bin is 70% plastic water bottles!

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