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Ready, set, DECRAPIFY!!!

on February 18, 2015

Hello kittens. I know, it’s been a pretty minute. All the things, and I do mean ALL the things, that come against me came together and to be honest I am still dealing with them. However, for the moment I have my head on and I am looking at life saying to myself, “My life is good. I have to learn to live it well and be as happy as I should be.” This means doing everything I can to be healthy mentally and physically. Really, I believe a lot of it will come down to re-finding sobriety and getting a grip on myself. I am a food addict who was in recovery and doing great for three years, but somewhere that got away from me. It may be true that I will always have some level of anxiety and some level of body pain, but let us be honest I am doing myself no favors at the moment.

So, I am changing gears. I am taking a long hard look at what and how and when and who – I am changing me again. Evolution is key to life, my darlings. When you stop evolving you start dying and I was letting myself die! For Lent I am giving up CRAP – all forms. I am making an offering of time and things – cleaning and clearing and releasing myself!


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