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Faux Pho

on March 4, 2015

Sometimes giving up can be really smart because sometimes it isn’t “giving up” it’s realizing that you bit off more than you could chew and you are about to choke. THAT, my blogging bunnies, is where I was when I was staring into a pot of burning beef syrup that was 20 hours into become delicious bone broth when a sleeping me got up to stir it and apparently self-sabotaged it by turning UP THE HEAT!!! “I can’t do this to myself!” I thought rather dramatically. I went back to sleep sad and defeated.

When I woke up and realized that the burnt ooze wasn’t a bad dream I became a twee depressed because I eat “pho” everyday for lunch. I was out and I didn’t have 24 hours to make more. So, I decided to fake it. Basically I made my little spice sachet of clove, star anise, cinnamon and cilantro. I brought store bought low sodium broth to a boil and tossed in my spices. In a separate pot I boiled my extra thin mung bean noodles (in place of rice noodles.) I took out five jars and lid sets and placed a serving of boiled noodles in each, filled with broth and added a scoop of coconut oil then put the lids on and let them seal themselves.

To serve as lunch I warm the jar (after removing the lid of course) and pour over thin sliced onion, tamed jalapeños, fresh cilantro and whatever “meat” I have chosen that day (usually a Boca original veggie burger or fried tofu!)


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