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Where have I been? (March 23rd – 27th)

on April 13, 2015

It’s really quite simple. I have been sick. If you are on any of my other social media you know all about it. I was scheduled to be VERY busy the week of March 16th-20th with school testing and then I was going to cap that week off with a full day of work (two face painting gigs.) It all started as planned and then BANG allergies hit. They started as a tickle and by the end of Saturday the 21st they were a burn and the seasonal cough I get. Okay, no problem. I deal with this cough twice a year usually.

Nope, this time the cough went straight ninja on me and it KICKED MY BOOTY. Asthma. (Hang your head with me, it is sad.)

The Friday after getting diagnosed and knowing for sure that I wouldn’t be contagious I had already committed to watching my mini Gip and thankfully I was still able to do that. She went easy on me. We even got a nap in!

Also, I discover this:


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