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I’m sorry. Just hear me out…

on May 29, 2015

That’s how this would go if we were friends in real life (just found out that there is a interweb shorthand for in real life – irl – I know, kids today make everything so easy!) Though, if I am honest I think that if we were irl friends then you wouldn’t make me say I’m sorry. After all, love means never having to say I’m sorry… My blogging bunnies I fell hard for that line of Love Story and I let it help a few undeserving people out of a lot of awful things. It’s true, love means never having to say you are sorry BUT reciprocated love means saying that you are sorry and SHOWING that you are sorry BECAUSE YOU ARE not because you HAVE to! That’s the catch there!

Back to MY I’m sorry! I am, I sort of fell off of earth. I am mentally/spiritually processing a lot. It’s like my seedling out grew her pot and I had to go away and replant. Life is – once again – up in the air and it is both exciting and terrifying. Physically 2015 has been a good pain year, nothing crazy and I am more mobile that I have been in a while. I have been ill – I have asthma and new allergies, but those are now being treated. Creatively I am exploding, thank God, and I have been able to open an etsy shop, Sagittarian Designs.

This summer we have tons of things to make, do and go. I hope to blog and also to sort out this strange I am feeling. No matter what I plan to be here at least once a week!


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