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You deserve better!!! DIY Deodorant!

I know, I know, I KNOW – I am so aware that there are a thousand and one DIY deodorants out and about in the world of the interweb. Guess what? There is now one thousand and TWO! lol Mine is a twee different, as this post may wind up being. I’ll tell you why, and it is something you might already know – because I am not a 100% crunchy, vegan momma. Nothing is wrong with them, in fact I often envy them, but I am not one of them. I kind of have adopted the attitude that some is better than none and that doing what you can is better than holding off until you can go 100%. Let’s be honest, timing is rarely perfect and money is rarely abundant – you just have to jump into life. Also, here is a big life tip I came by a few years ago, if you start when and where you can you actually will wind up making great strides. When and where adds up quickly!

Ready – OKAY – just a quick FYI this recipe will fit perfectly into these little half cup canning jars perfectly! So, if you are blessed and able to just go out and purchase everything – perfect – if not, then I will give you tips along the way! Also, we don’t all live in a world where whole and natural things are readily available. You can use the Internet, I mean Amazon has almost EVERYTHING but if you don’t shop around you could wind up paying a lot more than you need to!IMG_1239

Clearly, CLEARLY, if you can get you hands on all organic everything your life will be better, you will be thinner, you will live longer, you honey will be hotter, your children more amusing and your crafts will be craftier… Maybe not, but that is what the world wants you to know. I want you to know that I buy organic when I can, on those days my crafts are not anymore craftier. I do what I can, but really the whole point of this – for me at least – was to get the bad deodorants out and in my opinion something made from five or six items that I could eat just seemed better than what we had. I am going to say – make sure ALL the ingredients that you use are food grade or could be ingested. You may not be eating them, but you are putting it on your skin daily and your skin will absorb it. In fact, whenever I am buying food or health items I try to buy the best of what I can afford. When picking up just one ingredient I can usually splurge and get the best, but when I need a lot I buy what I can.

You can get most of it from anywhere – seriously. Some grocery stores sell arrowroot powder, none around me, but some do. (Quick side note, a lot of my links will be to Amazon. I am a Prime subscriber – so fast free shipping makes me turn there first!) I used cornstarch because I had it and I wasn’t trying to buy anything because I didn’t know if it would work and I have spent about fifteen dollars in the pursuit of a natural deodorant and I am still using my poison when I need something I can depend on. I already had the diatomaceous earth because my mother had ordered a huge batch and given me half, I used this because of it’s clay-like qualities. Clay (and DE) will wick moisture away from the surface it is on keeping you drier feeling, giving less time for the bacteria that causes odor to feed on it and overall it feels good. I also knew that I would not be using a lot of baking soda. Baking soda is great for dry and stink free pits, but it can also eat up your skin. I know from experience that my skin will get angry and flare up if I smother it with baking soda, so I used mostly DE and a bit of baking soda. For a delicious scent I used 10 drops of clove essential oil and five spearmint oil drops. It is super easy to melt coconut oil, I mean REALLY. I used a small glass bowl inside a larger glass bowl that had hot water heated only from the tap.

Sounds great – but how does it work?

I keep it in the little glass container and when I need it I simply scoop some onto the back of my thumb nail and the melt it with both hands. It applies like a silky lotion and BANG – done!

The real question is DOES IT KEEP YOU SMELLING NICE? I know that is what you are asking and it has been tested and approved by me, the kids and my wife! So, let’s see. The first day I put it on after my workout and shower – I was giving it the “daily life” test. Throughout the afternoon or laundry and housework I sniffed repeatedly and there was nothing but the soft hint of minty clove. All good. The next morning I smelled like mint more than clove, but no BO. Having a hard time believing it could be working I had my girls give me a quick sniff test – they are going to be 11 and 13 this summer, and while they are awesome they can both be brutally honest. They were both impressed – though Mavis, darling! crinkled her nose and was like, “You smell like those air fresheners we made at Christmas!” It was cloves, she isn’t to hot for clove. lol

That afternoon I worked out – about forty minutes in the 85 degree swamp that we call air down here. I was SWEATING, which was what I wanted – to sweat like my body was made to do, but not stink. I came in drenched and, if I am being completely honest, a little scare to sniff! Dude! Under the intense heat of a workout I smelled like clove and mint – delish!!! I took my shower and reapplied – all day, all good. The third day I was sold, but felt like I might want another opinion. I took it to my wife. She literally sniff tested my pits on demand all day Sunday – pass, pass, pass, pass!!! This is a resounding success!


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