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Summer Reading 2015!!!

on June 2, 2015

summer reading (9) Yesterday I took the girls to the Library to sign up for the summer reading program for the second year. Last year this was so much fun, we got movie tickets and a list of fun “book based” activities. It really got the kids excited. This year as we drove there they were wondering what the movie wold be (if we got tickets) and what our activities would be. They are super stoked. We got tickets to Back To The Future – yeah, apparently this year is the 30th anniversary! WHAT? I know, let’s move on a pretend it isn’t happening!

Anywho-doodle, Mavis, darling! and I have both read Rosa Parks already, Lou ♥ is reading it tomorrow. I read Anne Frank and cried. Lou ♥ and I both started the unicorn book and I am about to read The Books of Elsewhere! Happy summer reading, I will keep you guys posted!


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