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“I’m a real boy!”

on June 8, 2015

dude gets legs (5)

Lou ♥ has always loved making videos. Puppetry and directing make her so happy. Dude is her Muppet Whatnot from FAO Schwartz that she received from Santa about four years ago. Since then she has received several other full bodied puppets from other people and it had made her want Dude to be full bodied as well. She has brought it up a few times, and with our trip to see Harvey Rabbit looming she was all about it.

“Next year I am going to bring Dude.”

“Why next year?”

“Because by then Dude should have new legs.”

That conversation took place the Monday before the Harvey Rabbit show on Friday. She was THRILLED and asked me several times if it was really possible that i could have it done by then. I told her that as long as we found what we needed at Goodwill it was totes possible. We went to Good will and we found shoes, pants, a brand new shirt and I also scooped a Toy Story PJ top. Lou ♥ was all, “What’s that for?” and I was all, “Watch and see!” lol (I cut the arms off and made them legs.)


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