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Welcome to the 2015-16 School Year!

on August 10, 2015

It’s already better than the summer! lol

No, seriously, to cap a crazy summer of mishaps I had an absolute, hardcore wipe-out on Friday – the day I was billing as the “last official day of summer.” I’m talking about a banger of a fall. My right palm was scrapped and instantly swollen, my left pinky was scraped and oozy/bloody from knuckle to knuckle, BOTH knees were skinned with the left being BAD and bloody and making a hole in the knee of my jeans. That’s just the abrasions. lol

Can we talk for a moment about the fact that when you fall as an adult is it a whole different world that falling as a child?! I can remember two GIANT and gnarly falls (I mean, there were tons, but two stand out.) One was a bike incident and the other, huh, a bike incident. Maybe biking wasn’t my thing. Anywho, I remember the pain and tears and the clean up. Then I remember bouncing off to play again. Dudettes, no. There was none of that. I hurt. lol I hurt in my bones. I hit the ground and did a life check – head, okay. Bones, okay. Teeth, okay… Like and assessment of the systems. Then I got up and it was like, wait – there is a system I missed – it’s the overall system and it has been damaged! lol

Truthfully, this summer has felt like a cosmic plan to force evolution. (And, a bit like a cartoon.) It was the stuck at home, too sick or injured to do anything, that got me doing all sorts of new art! I am happy, it’s just weird.

Just as Friday was a great end to the summer I had, Saturday was the blooming flower of the year I was promised! My wife made a sale of an art piece of mine. I booked a job for August, and then one for October. Thank God. The biggest thing, however, was the most unexpected. Back in the beginning of the summer I was on this absolute kick of organizing the classroom. I was really flying and then I had the head injury and it all came to a crushing stop. Since then I have cleaned, moved things – I have not been able to get back into a groove, until Saturday. I just started busting it all up – I got the classroom ready AND my art chest of drawers cleaning out and reorganized! I donate, gave away and have a box for my friend, Evan, to go through this week!

Those things alone would have been amazing, but I wasn’t done. I also got TWO art projects done with the girls. Now, one was uber easy and quick – but, still!

All in all, things are looking up. I think that God’s plans are better than mine, so I am very willing to go with it! lol I mean, if the summer was the “set back” I am excited to seen what is coming!


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