Much ado about nothing.

My perfect day(s.)

Today is a twofer, who is lucky? You are! Two for one blogging all day today – or, you know, for the rest of the night since I am straight blogging this at 8:54 pm.

Yesterday’s blog topic: Wednesday, Sept. 2: Describe your ideal day. Where would you go and what would you do?

This is a hard one. Mainly because I have like – at any given time – between 6 and 50 mees living in my head. So it really depends which Sonya you ask.

  • My perfect day spent with my sister would be a thrift shop run, and then pizza and ice cream at home while we paint our nails and watch trashy TV.
  • My perfect day with my wife is spent staying in bed, eating sushi and snuggling with the windows open and November air blowing through.
  • My perfect day with the family is spent painting and cooking while they paint and hang out.
  • My perfect loner day is a run and then coffee in a dinner while I write or paint tiny watercolors.


Today’s topic: Thursday, Sept. 3: Create a collage or inspiration/mood board that describes your blog.

I am working on this one still! I think it kind of feels like the time to send you to my Pinterest. Thing is I made like half my boards secret, because I am a shady chick sometimes! lol


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