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Letting go. Moving on. Becoming who I am.

on September 8, 2015

Seriously, let’s just call it what it is instead of chasing a dream over the rest of this month. It’s the 8th and I have already failed at Blogtember in an epic way! Instead of holding on I am letting go. Letting it go and making an announcement:

Over the last week my wife and I have made some big decisions. We spoke with a broker and a loan officer to get the information we needed to come up with a plan, and we came up with a plan. Not a dream, not a “in a few months let’s revisit” timeline, a real plan. We decided to consolidate debt and purchase a new (used) vehicle for me and the kids. (That happens soon, I have to tell you that I am still so nervous about it!) We have decided to put together an action plan to get our house sold and to move. WE ARE MOVING.

We are leaving the bayou and river that has always been my home. We are leaving the skyline of New Orleans that has always cast a sleepy shadow over my life. We are going to the country. To land and animals and farm-ish life. I am excited, but I am sad. It is time, but it still stings a bit like a loss.

The good news is that with these decisions made I feel some relief, we have a plan and a road map if you will. My eating is better already, my nails are growing (as in I am not destroying them with nervous chewing) and my workouts are on track. I think the release of fear and finalizing a direction has had an awesome affect.

I am ready to look and to take you guys on this journey. I am praying for an art room in the new place, a space to create and be and set up just for our art things! It may be a pipe dream, but it is helping me get uber excited! I also can’t wait to add our first farm animal which will be a small cow I hope to name Alice!!!


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